Thursday, October 29, 2009

Moving forward

I know it's been a month since my last post. I'm in the process of transitioning into a multi IFR position and will be adjusting the content on this blog. As I move through my career, this is a reflection of what I've learned and accomplished.

Even though I know most of the pilots at the new company, I feel it as a major change in my life. Upon returning from sim training, I've entered into a new world of flying. The new working environment has been a challenge as it's much slower paced and I'm not liked by everyone. If you ever move to another company and jump ahead of people waiting in line, you will experience the same emotions.

Coming from a single pilot background, it has been a change in mindset and procedure. The operation is much more regulated and responsibilities have been divided. Since I'm new to this type of flying, I've become a first officer. During sim training, I was fortunate enough to work with an excellent captain who was patient with me. At the same time, we still had our discussions with regards to my responsibilities. Single pilot ops, you obviously do everything associated with the aircraft. Becoming a first officer is a challenge because you now have to listen to someone else, as they are the pilot in command. I feel with my background that my ability to make decisions allows me to bring valuable experience to the table. I have felt resistance from captains as they feel that my decision making is more of a conflict than a benefit. I'm not looking for any special treatment yet I'm not going to response well to captains with attitude. Two crew flying is a team effort with each pilot having his own way of doing things. Working together may not always be a smooth operation yet I hope I can pull my weight and provide excellent service.

This was a heads up to those who may transition soon. You will find it's best to remain quiet and keep your opinion to yourself. Fly safe and keep it rubber side down.