Thursday, November 5, 2009

Management vs Crew

Learning about your profession is a must no matter what you do. As you progress through the different categories of flying, be sure to know the rules and regulations associated with that level. With regards to management, you may find it challenging at times handling the additional pressure during the busy season. In an ideal world, aviation would much more profitable and everyone would do well. Due to the high level of competition and competitive pricing, carriers must maximize productivity of their employees.

Taking a step back and looking at it from both sides, you will find more creative ways of completing each task. I find it too often that the pilots are only thinking about it from a single point of view. Management needs to make money in order to provide you with employment. Instead of creating a challenge for them, focus on what you can do to make the operation run as smooth as possible. People make mistakes and it's important to know the regulations in order to prevent any challenges from arising. Informing dispatch the "day of" isn't acceptable and being proactive by keeping eye on your time is much more appropriate. If you see a day that won't work, due to duty time or any other snag, be sure to speak up and prevent the company from looking bad.

Fly safe and keep it rubber side down.


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