Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Job hunt

Many pilots are currently unemployed. I feel for those who are, as I understand the challenges at hand in today's job market. Getting out there meeting people and networking through my flying friends has kept me flying through the ups and downs. Here are a few things I do to stay in the loop:

1) Email - I email my resume on a monthly basis to company I have a strong interest in. Don't waste time emailing every company if you don't actually want to work there. There is nothing more frustrating than finding a pilot with the qualifications, to find out they aren't interested. Why did they apply in the first place?

2) Facebook - I use this tool to my advantage. I have hundreds of pilot friends who use facebook and it's a fantastic way of keeping in touch. On many occasions, I have found work through this network. If someone new comes into your organization, get their email and see if they are on facebook. You never know when you may find work and besides its FREE.

3) Road Trips - I have done three road trips in my time flying. It has been great for building a network and getting your name out there. Get a business card from the chief pilot and follow up. Even if they shut the door on your face, if you get the card, you have an in.

These are just a few different ways to find work. If you want to be a professional pilot, look the part and be organized. I like to put my resume in a file folder with my cover letter on one side and the resume on the other. Also, when you purchase business cards, put one in there too. This will show your level of professionalism.

Dress appropriately. If you are looking for a bush flying job, DO NOT show up dressed in your whites. Everyone there will look at you funny and will have a good laugh. If you are looking for a co-pilot or captain position with a larger company, you may want to wear a shirt and tie. Dressing the part will allow to potential employer to imagine what you will look like in their uniforms. Ensure you have taken the time to freshen up and smell nice.

Every time you meet someone new, they will evaluate you within the first thirty seconds. Take the time to ensure you come off as a positive and responsible pilot. Smiling and having a pleasant personality will put you on top of all those who put in minimal efforts.

As I said before, these are just a few ideas which will better aid you in your hunt. Good luck, fly safe and keep the rubber side down.



  1. Very good advices. It's just what I do. And one of the best practices I think is Facebook networking. You can just drop a message to anyone in the business just saying "hello", introducing yourself.

    If you don't mind I'll insert the link in my next blogpost.


  2. Nice blog Chris! Hope you keep on posting new info as you go along! I've read all the posts and i'm loving it! You really have good tips for a low hour pilot like me! I also follow Csanad Pszka's blog which is also a must!

    Keep up the good work!
    João Sales

  3. Bush flying 101...nice one
    I have to agree fully with you mate.
    The presant job i have now came through friends on facebook giving me a personal heads up and it paid off i have a extremely comfortable job to carry me through the current climate.
    I am going to link your blog from mine.
    keep up the good tips.