Monday, September 7, 2009


This topic came to me and I felt I should write about it. I've noticed that some people in general have a poor attitude. I'm not sure why they remain negative, but it seems to just happen. With how small the aviation industry is, it's extremely important to remain positive no matter what the circumstances. The way in which you react to passengers, co-workers and management will determine how well you fit into the organization. I use to become very irritated with my flying gig as I wasn't progressing as quickly as I wanted too. As I built my experience and moved up the latter, I found myself becoming more content. Most people want to make it to the top right off the bat. They lose site of what really matter: flying. We fly with passion and do what we love. It doesn't necessary matter what you are flying as long as you can find some joy in the activity. I know guys who were planning on leaving the company with a definite plan to make the airlines and end up finding themselves in a slow down. You have to be happy with today as tomorrow will be now then. If you are unhappy, people notice and with that said, if you can't find some happiness in what you are doing, STOP. It won't be any different tomorrow as it is today. It was just a thought that I wanted to expand on. Fly safe my friends and keep it rubber side down.


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